Our guiding principle has been “Finest workmanship, latest technology, preservation of the charming old appearance”. And this is exactly what we have done by creating a building that combines modern amenities with a look of an 18th century building that proudly projects its Empire facade.

Please refer to the separate description of the history of the building. On the outside, the building has been worked on by accomplished painters, lovingly restoring its appearance under the guidance of an accomplished architect Svetlana Inozemtseva.

Internal areas of the building are spacious due to the frame construction that rests on a pile foundation. Pile foundation is ideal since it ensures that the building would never tilt and would stay firmly in place. Today, buildings with retro appearance located at the center of Kiev and resting on a pile foundation are a rarity, because pile foundations usually cannot be installed where buildings stand close together, as is the case in the historical center of Kiev.

From the inside, the building looks as modern as any you have seen. And yet, the building has brick walls that are as thick as its 18th century predecessor’s. These walls retain heat very well, and it translates into significant energy savings during the cold winter months. There are double windows with wooden frames, and window sills are made from the luxurious hardwood. Entrance doors fulfill all the requirements of fire safety. The roof has double insulation, making the fifth floor completely soundproof.  Rainwater diverters on the roof are heated so that in winter no icicles would form.

Frame construction of the building offers open space office areas. There are 20 wholly independent office areas in the building. Ground floor and first floor areas are suitable for a wide range of uses: restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, beauty salons, etc. These spaces are rented as “bare walls” because the interior design of these areas would be done by renters to their specifications.

Second, third, fourth, and fifth floor are meant to be occupied by offices. We plan to have these offices finished, with toilets and kitchens installed, so that renters would be able to start working right away.   Please view our floor plans.

At present, we are adding the finishing touches to our office areas, and thus there is still time to take into account the wishes of our perspective renters. Hurry and contact us now.

The electrical network and everything else that a contemporary office would need – all done to the highest standard of reliability and convenience. The equipment we used for ventilation, air-conditioning, telecommunication, water, heating, etc. is the very best we could find. High speed elevators, fire safety, security equipment – we are proud of it all. Lighting system uses the energy-saving lamps, of course. In the backyard, there are parking spaces, and the CCTV is installed. Come to see us: we dare you to find anything that would not be perfect.

We want to see you as our renter. We hope that the stay in our building would bring you luck. We hope that your product sells, your profit expands, your satisfaction grows. We hope that in our building you will see your business dreams fulfilled. We hope that you will give our building a happy smile and a little nod every time you come to work in the morning. We want our building be a part of your success, and we want to be proud of you as our renter.