The original building was built as an apartment house in 1869. As building is located within the historical area of Kiev, in the center of the city, we are obligated by law to carefully preserve its historical appearance. The architect of this project, Svetlana Inozemtseva, masterfully used this requirement to highlight the attractive features of the building’s original design.

The building is located on the Yaroslavov Val street. As the name of the street tells us, in the Middle Age, the fortification wall defending the Upper Town passed right through here. In the XIth century, a city builton aplateau ofthe old Kiev by Prince Yaroslav,was the largest partof the Upper City of Kiev.

But then the ramparts lost their military significance and disappeared, and the street was on its way to becoming one of the nicest thoroughfares of the charming old Kiev. Our renovated building is definitely the landmark of the street that takes pride in its many beautiful buildings.

Ours is a brick building, and its walls retain the original thickness of 3.5 bricks. The five-story building with a ground floor has an attic and mansard floor. On the right side there is a passage to the building’s backyard. The main facade is highlighted with a decorative tower; there is also a small corner turret. Obviously, the building is mindful of its ancient military origins.

In its finishing elements, one can observe styles that are characteristic of this street — Classical, Empire, Art Nouveau, and Eclecticism.

Below is a fragment of an ancient map and a street plan of Kiev and the Yaroslaviv Val street.